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What kind of media does Defender® use?

Defender® will work with perlite or diatomaceous earth (DE). Neptune-Benson prefers the use of perlite based on its superior particle removal, lower cost, lower turbidity levels and safer handling and disposal.

How does the cost of Defender® compare to sand filters?

The initial capital cost of a Defender® system is more than a sand system but is quickly offset in operational costs savings – often in less than a year. The smaller Defender® system saves on construction costs, water and waste costs, energy and chemical costs as well as power costs.

Is there a pool size limit in order to use Defender® filters?

No, there is no pool size limit. Defender® may be installed on 70 - 2500 GPM (single filter) pools and spas. Multi tanks can be installed in tandem to accommodate higher flow rates.

How long does the “media regeneration" cycle take?

Defender® filters are programmed to complete the automated regeneration cycle daily and it will take no longer than 10 minutes. This includes the "bumping" step and agitating the media.

What is “bumping” and how long does take?

"Bumping" is the mechanical movement of the tube sheet which forces water into the the tubes evacuating the media from the surface of the tubes, sending it into solution. This allows the filter elements to receive a fresh coating of perlite once the re-attaches itself to the tube elements. Defender® filters are programmed to bump daily and will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Is the Defender® filter system fully automatic?

Every Defender® system is designed to be fully automatic but is operable in semi-automatic mode which requires the push of a button to initiate the automatic filtration and bump cycle.

What happens to peripheral systems (heat, chemicals, UV) when the Defender® shuts down for bumping?

Defender’s programmer includes auxiliary contacts to control all peripheral devices.

How often should I change the media?

The complete filter cycle using the same charge of perlite usually averages 4 weeks depending on bather load. Some pools may go months in the off season.

How long does it take to change the media?

Eliminating used media and recharging with new media in a single Defender® takes 15 – 25 minutes.

“We choose the Defender® filters because of the water savings and water quality they’ll provide for our park. Defender® filters can filter particles down to 1 micron in diameter which decreases the risk of recreational waterborne illnesses such as crypto.”

Peter Kowny
Maintenance Manager Legoland
Carlsbad, CA

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