From Humble Beginnings to a State-of-the-Art 70,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility

Corporate History

Over the last 6 decades we have been totally immersed in the creation of Aquatopia. Here’s a brief synopsis of our journey and some eventful moments along the way...

1956 — Two Brothers, Two Divisions, a Single Focus

Neptune-Benson, Inc. was founded in 1956 by Junius “Babe” and Raymond Gertz as a State of Rhode Island licensed professional Engineering Corporation. In the early years, the Company was comprised of two divisions: Neptune Filter Company and Benson Engineered Products. The Neptune Filter Company name was derived from the Roman mythological god of the sea. Filters were manufactured primarily for residential and semi-commercial pools and were sold to pool builders nationwide. The naming of Benson Engineered Products had a much more personal meaning, as Junius and Raymond are the “sons of Benjamin Gertz.”

1965 — A Decade of Growth

The company designed and constructed large steel swimming pools all over the Northeastern United States for country clubs, municipalities and non-profit agencies. Over the next nine years, both divisions grew and the markets began to merge, so in 1965, Neptune and Benson joined forces to better serve the aquatic marketplace. These early years provided many valuable lessons as the Company looked to diversify and expand their filtration business.

1978 — An Eventful Year

In June of 1978, corporate offices and manufacturing facilities were devastated by a fire, which also destroyed the pool fabrication equipment. As a result, a new focus was directed towards the technical development of filtration systems and engineering services for the institutional swimming pool industry. By November of 1978, the fire was ancient history and there was never any turning back.

A New Generation Secures the Heritage

Also in 1978, Barry Gertz, Junius’s son, joined the Company, which helped secure the heritage of Neptune-Benson as a family business. The addition of another mechanical engineer with aquatic industry experience provided many new opportunities for product development along with corporate expansion.

Setting the Industry Standard

Over the last 55 years, Neptune-Benson has become a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of aquatic components. Product innovations including Flexsol™ linings, patented stainless steel gutters and bulkheads, Dominion™ Valves, Guardian™ Strainers, and Defender® Filters have elevated Neptune-Benson’s popularity as a company with vision.

Today and Beyond

Today a brand new 70,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility sets the stage for the future. Neptune-Benson is proud to offer the industry’s most comprehensive line of filtration equipment, pool recirculation systems and aquatic components backed by unsurpassed technical service and product guarantees.

A Timeless Philosophy

Our old-fashioned, personal brand of service is at the heart of the Neptune-Benson mission. We will do “whatever it takes” to best serve our thousands of satisfied clients we have around the world. This approach and philosophy is brought to life by loyal staff, who shares in our vision of the future. Fueled by this remarkable track record and the pioneering spirit that launched our success back in 1956, Neptune-Benson still blazes on today.

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